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If you’ve been charged with a serious criminal or traffic violation such as a Virginia DUI/OUI or Virginia driving on suspended license or you are going through the pains of a bitter divorce or child custody issue in Virginia or even arrested on state or federal charges in Virginia – having experienced, tough-minded attorneys in Virginia on your side is invaluable.  The JASON Law Group, P.C. serves Virginia clients in the areas of:

  • Traffic & Criminal Defense
  • Divorce & Family Law
  • Sex Offenses
  • Administrative Hearings

Our Clients Always Come First

We do our very best to reply to every one of our calls within 8 hours – or less.

The Fairfax lawyers with years of trial and encounter are accessible every minute of every day and will be able to help the offender to get through the trials. They also offer a complimentary meeting to examine the case. The criminal protection group of lawyer’s guard’s people accused of a severe crime or criminal offenses in the Commonwealth of Fairfax Virginia which can vary from criminal charges and trafficking of medicinal substances to the different offenses related to guns or war equipment, violation of the desk and interests of criminal. The lawyers at Fairfax moreover think that police do make blunders and only one out of every odd individual accused of a criminal offense is worthy of to be blamed. A significant number of those accused are youngsters having their entire lives in front of them to lead beautifully and without any criminal charge. People usually are of an opinion to not be bothered with a criminal conviction to chase after them and disturb their life and they tend to make it avoidable. Lawyers are prepared to deal with criminal barriers matters all finished in the state of Fairfax, Virginia and particularly Fairfax, City of Fairfax, Prince William (Manassas), Fauquier (Warrenton), Loudoun (Leesburg). A Fairfax criminal guard legal advisor works in protecting individuals being conducted or convicted for criminal movement. Criminal resistance legal counselors help suspects with issues identifying with the cases of capture, criminal examinations, condemning, charges, and requests. Being accused of a criminal offense is a genuine issue and could influence the precious life and freedom to do anything. If there is a chance that any of the people in the state or adored one has been accused of a criminal offense in Virginia, a lawyer should consider the issue important and comprehend your lawful rights and alternatives to what can be done.

Self-sustainability for having a lawyer:

having a Fairfax lawyer by the side the matter of rapid answering to the police can be reduced and even chances of getting out of the trials are increased. It should be remembered that police require reasonable justification to accuse of a criminal offense. The announcements made to police may give them reasonable justification. One should not rapidly talk and give answers to justifications of the police. It is rapidly been found that the Virginia criminal framework is a cruel and unforgiving spot with strongly having the chance that one doesn’t have an accomplished criminal protection legal advisor shielding from behind and supporting the rights. If any of the state subjects have been captured and accused of a wrongdoing, it is basic to take help from a forceful Fairfax Virginia criminal legal advisor to begin building up protection immediately. It is all correct to be frightful of losing the opportunity and paying weighty fines with the possible chance of being accused of a genuine criminal offense. The freedom may rely upon the aptitude and genius of the criminal safeguard legal counselor who is being selected so it is critical to choose the correct lawyer in Boston.

Our Virginia attorneys continually strive in providing the finest legal representation available for our clients.

As you have read, our attorneys are some of the best attorneys in the areas of criminal law defense, traffic ticket defense such as reckless driving (RD) charge defense, careless driving, driving/operating on suspended license, speeding tickets, DUID/ DUI/OUI and family law & uncontested divorce law cases & child custody cases.

Each attorney in our law firm primarily focuses his or her practice in only two areas of law.

We truly consider ourselves to be your family lawyer in Virginia & the Greater Fairfax Metro area. An additional benefit our clients receive by having us as their family lawyer is that we are able to assist you in all legal matters – even those before the Virginia federal courts.

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Our Virginia attorneys assist clients throughout the state, including but not limited to Fairfax, City of Fairfax, Prince William (Manassas), Fauquier (Warrenton), Loudoun (Leesburg), Caroline, Stafford, Spotsylvania, Chesterfield, Henrico, Arlington, Richmond, Alexandria, Warren (Front Royal), Clarke, Shenandoah, King George, Charles City, Frederick, Fredericksburg, Gloucester, Hanover, Hopewell, James City, King & Queen, King William, New Kent, Newport News, Petersburg, Prince George, Rappahannock or York.